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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The view from another window

Over the last few week I have been embroiled in re-instating some windows in my house that have been previously blocked up. However, given the nature of the house I live in, this has not been a matter of removing a few bricks from an existing window opening and stuffing it with a pre-assembled sealed double glazed unit from Wickes. Oh no, I dream of such a simple life...

Here are the blocked up window openings:

So first I need to make the leaded lights to go into the opening, several days of lovingly cutting each individual glass diamond by hand, stretching and cutting the lead, positioning everything and then soldering it up gives me a pair of each of these:
Bottom Section
Middle Section
Top Section

Then to remove the numerous large blocks of stone to expose the openings for the first time in approximately sixty years.
Almost there:

Some of the stone removed, with a hammer for a sense of scale:

And finally put in the new leaed light panels and supporting steels:


I'm really pleased with how these have turned out, and it's obviously made a massive difference to the light levels inside. Just a few bits of finishing off detailing then they'll be done and focus shifts to finishing off the room inside. The endless joys...

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