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Saturday, 16 July 2011

It 'Aint 'Alf 'Ot Mum...

Last week I was in Spain clipping bolts in the heat, man was it hot.
Anyway I had a great time, climbing wise there weren't many highlights beyond a flash of Batman (7b+). I worked a few 8's which all seemed to have massive reaches on them (but then I would say that). A return visit in cooler conditions should see less working and more crushing (but then I would say that...)
Anyway here's some photos:
Batman 1
Flashing Batman...
Batman 2
...Still flashing Batman...
Batman 3
...almost finished flashing Batman.
Redpointing Muscleman
Rock n Roll Express
Very much not redpointing Rock n Roll Express.

Since returning I've not been feeling that healthy. I've had a very disappointing day at Kilnsey blowing a 7c onsight which, if I'd had the wisdom to wait until I was healthy, I would quite possibly have got (but I would say that). And an evening at Cadshaw Quarry getting eaten alive, which was nice.
Now it's very hot and humid and muggy, conditions which I certainly don't thrive in. I'm thinking of hitting the training and cutting back on the cragging until conditions improve. At least until someone suggests going outside...

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